Kindred Spirits Vol. 1 with Dar Gnawa

Kindred Spirits Vol. 1

with Dar Gnawa

Release Date: 2005
Label: Archie Ball
Catalog: ARCH0501
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Main Street Medina


Suite Blue


Middle Passage


Groove Mosso


Dawn of Freedom


Kindred Spirits

Recorded with the Dar Gnawa of Tanger during a tour of France by the Archie Shepp quartet in 2003.

Archie Shepp

Wayne Dockery
Abdou El Gourd
(Dar Gnawa) vocals, percussion
Maalem Abdellah El Gourd
(Dar Gnawa) vocals, percussion
Abdelkader El Khlyfy
(Dar Gnawa) vocals, percussion
Tom Mc Clung
Steve Mc Craven
Khalid Rahhali
(Dar Gnawa) vocals, percussion
Noureddine Touati
(Dar Gnawa) vocals, percussion


Archie Shepp, great musician of the free-jazz, and the group of Dar Gnawa, native of Tangier. In June, 2000, to the festival of Essaouira in Morocco, took place a first meeting between the saxophonist Archie Shepp and the group of musicians gnawa of the maâlem (master) Abdellah El-Gourd. The success of this experience which involved free-jazz and musics of trance with complex rhythms, aroused the desire of the other concerts in Paris. The group Dar Gnawa is composed of seven musicians and dancers. It plays the music of the mystic colleagues gnawa of Morocco which immortalizes the tradition of the ancient slaves native of Black Africa. Gnawa animates ceremonies, lilas, which are therapeutic rites steered by a master-musician, the maâlem, singer soloist and player of guembri, whom answer the choir, the castanets of metal and the percussions of members of the band.

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