First Take with Siegfried Kessler

First Take

with Siegfried Kessler

Release Date: 2004
Label: Archie Ball
Catalog: ARCH0104
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Le Matin Des Noire


Lush life


Don’t get around much anymore




Misterioso / California blues



Recorded May 30 and 31, 2003 in Montpellier France.

Archie Shepp
sax, vocals

Siegfried Kessler


It is obviously a considerable event to find two old accomplices on a scene. Indeed Siegfried Kessler and Archie Shepp have known each other during the 70s, during European tours, between Italy and France (Le Chat qui pêche of Paris for example), to play until the end of the night a jazz than they like both: that of the total and tonale freedom. Kessler lived on a boat off La Grande Motte (next to Marseille). One day, Jean Peiffer, boss of the Jam, a club of neighborhood, proposes him an evening " white card ". He can play with whom he wants. "Siggi" doesn’t hesitate one second: it will be Shepp, his old friend. And it is warm to find them both from the introductory piece, Le Matin des Noirs, for lyric and intense inspirations that they possess the secret. Sideman dreamed for Shepp, Kessler sticks its chords and its notes in the crevices of broken lines of the saxophonist. The dialogue of both is an sharp dream, which stretches on fondamental subjects, on which we feel a very concentrated public … Thems of Shepp, Ellington, Strayhorn and Monk celebrates " the afro - américanité " of a jazz which doesn’t wants to say its name (Shepp hates this term). A magic evening, between Mistral and Mediterranean matrix.

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