On This Night

On This Night

Release Date: 1965
Label: Impulse!
Catalog: A-97
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On This Night (If That Great Day Would Come)


The Mac Man


The Mac Man (alternate take)*


The Original Mr. Sonny Boy Williamson


In A Sentimental Mood


The Chased (take 1)*


The Chased (take 2)*


The Chased (take 3)*


The Pickaninny (Picked Clean - No More - Or Can You Back Back Doodlebug)


Malcolm, Malcolm, Semper Malcolm*

Recorded at the "Rudy Van Gelder Studio", Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on August 12, 1965 (1-5) and March 9, 1965 (6-10)

** also issued on GRP 11252

Archie Shepp
tenor sax on 1-10, piano on 1, recitation on 10

Rushied Ali
drums on 1-3
Ed Blackwell
rhythm logs on 2-4
Joe Chambers
drums on 5 and tympani on 1
Henry Grimes
bass on 1-5
Bobby Hutcherson
vibes on 1-5
David Izenzon
bass on 6-10
J.C. Moses
drums on 4 an 6-10
Christine Spencer
soprano voice on 1

* Bonus cuts, not included on the original album.
All compositions by Archie Shepp except 5.

Note: "Gingerbread, Gingerbread Boy" which appeared on the original LP of On This Night, was recorded live at Newport and now appears on the CD of New Thing at Newport by Shepp and John Coltrane. "Malcolm ..." originally appeared on Fire Music (AS-86). The third take of "The Chase" originally appeared on The Definitive Jazz Scene - Volume Three (AS-9101). The first two takes of "The Chase" and the alternate take of "The Mac Man" first appeared on Further Fire Music (IA-9357). The output of these August and March, 1965 sessions is presented completely on this CD.

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